Entrevista con Comisariado

En noviembre del año pasado, los chicos de Comisariado me entrevistaron mientras que estaba en Bogotá. Me preguntaron sobre mis conceptos de la práctica curatorial y sobre las diferencias que había encontrado, al momento, entre mi trabajo de curaduría en Chicago y lo que estábamos haciendo en Santander y Norte de Santander para el Salón regional de artistas. Comisariado es un lindo proyecto que reune video entrevistas de curadores, en su mayoría colombianos.  (Haga click en la imagen para ver el vídeo)

A Silence so Loud: Doris Salcedo at the MCA

The first US-retrospective of Colombian artist Doris Salcedo opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago on February 20. My dear friend Maria Carrasquilla, who works at the MCA, also happened to be  in Bogotá when the public art project "Acción de Duelo" by Salcedo, took place at the Plaza de Bolívar. This beautiful text is a strong and touching testimony of her participation, and the complexity of the experience. Click here for Maria's text >>


Liz Munsell visits artist Carolina Gonzalez in her studio as a guest of Interlink VAP

Last week I invited Liz Munsell, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, to conduct three studio visits as a guest of the Interlink Visiting Artist Program that I'm co-coordinating with Elena Ailes at SAIC. During her visit I connected her with Latin American artists whose works fit into the category of time-based practices. In this picture Liz is talking to Colombian film and new media artist Carolina Gonzalez.

Newest project by the Colombian collective 4-18

This video presents a bit about the making-process of the project "Visualización de Honda" in Tolima, Colombia. For this collaborative project the members of the artistic collective 4-18 spent 3 months in the rural town of Honda where, throughout their residency, they worked to expand the notions and networks of art among the local community. Through its different practices and iterations this project aimed at providing visibility to some of the particular environmental issues of this town. If you are interested in learning more about this project don't forget to visit their website!